Online Technology Project Management Boot Camp

From UNC-Chapel Hill

Prepare to Become a Professional Scrum Master

In the Technology Project Management Boot Camp at UNC-Chapel Hill, you’ll develop technical fluency and an understanding of software development so that you can lead technology projects in any industry.

You can complete your project management training part time in 18 weeks and acquire the skills to sit for the globally recognized Professional Scrum Master™ Level I Certification.

The program is fully online and offers project-based learning, live virtual classes, opportunities to work in groups and a wide range of career services. UNC-Chapel Hill’s online tech project management boot camp is designed so that regardless of where you live, you can expect a high-quality educational experience and a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Online Tech Project Management Bootcamp at a Glance

Covers traditional, hybrid and agile methodologies

18 weeks part time

100% online

No prior experience required

Tech Project Management Bootcamp Online Curriculum

The Technology Project Management Boot Camp at UNC-Chapel Hill offers a market-driven curriculum that explores how software is developed and maintained from start to finish.

Each week, you’ll dedicate 10 hours to scheduled in-class time and 20-plus hours to outside work and hands-on projects. At the end of this intensive program, you’ll graduate with an impressive portfolio of projects—and be ready to take the Professional Scrum Master™ Level I Certification.

Future-Proof Your Skills

You will develop expertise in the following areas:

  • Agile methodologies and principles as well as scrum framework
  • Traditional PM, including triple constraint theory and PMBOK knowledge areas
  • Hybrid PM, including Gantt charts, work breakdown structures and sprint boards
  • PM in operations, including resource planning, team communications and KPI dashboards
  • The business of software development, including budget, procurement and documentation

The material covered is subject to change, as our academic team adjusts the curriculum to the market demand.

Admissions for the Project Management Bootcamp Online

Learning tech project management requires hours of hard work—we’re looking for passionate, committed applicants who are determined to achieve life-changing results.

Admissions Requirements

To qualify for admission, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold a high school diploma or GED
  • Pass a critical thinking and problem-solving assessment

No prior project management experience is required, but it is recommended that applicants hold a bachelor’s degree or have at least two years of experience in a field such as business, management, finance or statistics.

For more information about the application process or the tech project management bootcamp, fill out our form or contact an admissions advisor at 919-425-0055.

The Online Bootcamp Experience

Our online bootcamps are designed to give you the flexibility to balance your priorities and provide you with the structure and support you need to succeed:

  • Attend scheduled, instructor-led online classes three days each week.
  • Solidify your knowledge and apply your skills to weekly coursework.
  • Receive support from your instructors, tutors, Student Success Manager, Career Services team, and peer network.

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll receive a Professional Certificate from UNC-Chapel Hill Digital and Lifelong Learning.

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If you’re ready to get to work, we’re here to support you. Learn traditional, hybrid and agile methodologies, and prepare to become a Scrum Master in less than five months—all while benefiting from UNC-Chapel Hill’s cutting-edge curriculum and extensive student support.

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